Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC)
      Web-site of the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, provides information on Driver licensing, Autoplan Insurance, claims, FAQ, and more.

ICBC - Road Sense for Drivers Manual
      This is the manual provided by ICBC to people who want to get their Learners' Driver's License. The written exam is based on this book.

Online Practice Knowledge Test (by ICBC)
      This sample knowledge test is offered by ICBC. These practice test questions are similar in style and subject matter to those in the Class 7L knowledge test; however, none of the questions that appear in this practice test are in the Class 7L knowledge test. - Sample Tests
      Go and take their online written test. They have 2 free online exams: 1 written and 1 sign test with 20 questions each.

Richmond Public Library - BC Practice Driving Test
      This is a written exam created by the Richmond Public Library based on ICBC's RoadSense for Drivers Manual. Consists of 131 multiple choice questions.

Signs Manual
      It's a "sign guide" which has a collection of all the american road signs and its explanation.
      A Teenager created web-site with useful tips on safe driving.

Online Study Guide for Student Drivers
      This site is for people studying for their drivers license test or researching traffic law and rules of the road.